Illustrative view of the new Clementina Square from Clementina Road, at the corner of Perth Road.

Welcome to our dedicated consultation website for St William’s Lea Bridge Gasworks proposals. We have been consulting on the proposals since the summer of 2019 and submitted our application to Waltham Forest Council in late April 2020.

We are really keen to engage further with local residents to explain our proposals and answer any queries you may have. In light of the ongoing day-to-day challenges and social distancing associated with Covid-19, we have been looking at innovative tools to meet with residents online. We would like to invite you to join an online Webinar to discuss our submitted proposals on Thursday 18th June 6pm.

The Webinar will see St William representatives present the proposals via an audio and video link. Anyone joining the webinar can then submit a question anonymously, and the project team will answer these via the audio and video link. People joining the webinar as attendees will not be visible via audio or video themselves.

We have chosen a Webinar that is easy to access via any internet browser, and you won’t need to download any software in advance. Additionally, there will be an option to join the webinar on the phone, where you will be able to hear what is being said in the webinar (although you will not be able to see the presentation material).

A recording of the Webinar and the presentation will be posted on this website following the event.

Please note that you must register on this website prior to the session in order to participate. This enables us to ensure that the Webinar runs as smoothly as possible.

Please click here to register.

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