Here you will find answers to the common questions raised with us through the public consultation. If you cannot find an answer to your question, please use the contact details provided to get in touch with the project team.

What are St William’s plans for the site?

St William’s vision is to transform a 6.2 acre redundant utility site into a thriving addition to the existing Lea Bridge community. Our proposals will deliver

  • 573 high quality homes including 158 affordable homes;
  • A 50-place nursery for local children;
  • New pedestrian and cycle links to Leyton Jubilee Park;
  • A new community square with play space at the pedestrian site entrance on Clementina Road;
  • More than two acres of publicly accessible play areas and landscaped open space;
  • More than 150 new trees; and
  • A new vehicular access from Orient Way.

More information can be found in the Design and Access Statement.

How much affordable housing will St William provide?

158 of the new homes (35% measured by habitable room) are proposed to be affordable including:

  • 96 homes at London Affordable Rent (equivalent to Social Rent) levels.
  • 62 Shared Ownership units.

This will be secured via a legally binding Section 106 Agreement.

More information can be found in the Design and Access Statement and Planning Statement.

How will local residents benefit from the proposed development?

In addition to delivering 573 much-needed new homes including 158 affordable, the scheme will provide a 50-space children’s nursery, create two new links through to Leyton Jubilee Park and over two acres of landscaped public realm and children’s play areas that will be accessible to all. We are also cleaning up a former gasworks, and opening it up for the first time.

More information can be found in the Design and Access Statement.

Why are some of the buildings so tall?

Ten new buildings are proposed ranging in height from two to four storeys adjacent to existing properties, and 17 and 18 storeys adjacent to Leyton Jubilee Park. This massing responds to the existing local context of the Clementina Estate and the opportunity to deliver buildings with greater height adjacent to the park. The planning submission will include a detailed technical assessment of the impact of the proposed massing in relation to existing context.


Will I lose any light within my home?

The placement of lower buildings adjacent to existing properties on Clementina Road and Perth Road has enabled us to ensure there will be no noticeable impact on daylight within existing homes. A full daylight and sunlight impact assessment will be submitted as part of the planning application.

More information can be found in the ES Volume I – Chapter 11.

How will you deal with the site’s contamination?

Extensive site investigation surveys, carried out by both National Grid and St William, has found contamination to be limited to hotspots in a few specific locations. The remediation strategy to manage these hotspots includes the safe removal of contaminated material from site and also the import of clean materials.

All works to contaminated ground are subject to strict environmental and health & safety legislation. The remediation works required on this site will be also be controlled through planning conditions that will be required to be approved by Waltham Forest Council, in consultation with the Environment Agency, prior to works commencing. We would like to reassure you that remediation of the site will be handled under strict statutory legislation, with monitoring and validation, and with specialist expertise that will ensure that it is carried out appropriately and safely.

There will be a significant amount of further detail in the planning application, and there will be further opportunities for meetings and communication with residents prior to works taking place.


Will the remediation release odours?

Our remediation strategy relies on the excavation and removal of contamination hotspots, instead of cleaning the excavated material whilst it is still on site. This strategy generally minimises odour release, but at this point we cannot rule out the possibility of some short periods of noticeable odours during the remediation period. Mitigation and monitoring measures will be put in place to contain nuisance impact, and ensure the works will be undertaken within agreed parameters.

More information can be found in the ES Volume I – Chapter 8.

What impact will you have on the environment?

Surveys have found that the existing biodiversity and ecological value of the site is low given its previous use. The remediation process will require the removal of shrubs and trees that have grown since activity on the gasworks site stopped, including the former tennis court area. All of the existing trees on the boundary with Leyton Jubilee Park will be kept and protected where possible. We are also planting over 150 new trees and will ensure the completed development delivers a net biodiversity gain compared to the current condition.

A sustainable drainage strategy is contained within the proposals to manage any surface water generated through the development and in addition the proposed buildings have been designed to prevent any additional risk of local flooding. Details of these strategies are included within the application along with an Energy Strategy detailing our approach to achieving the level of Carbon Reduction required by Planning Policy.

More information can be found in Ecological Assessment, Energy Strategy, Tree Survey and Flood Risk Assessment.

How will the development impact existing traffic on local streets?

In response to consultation feedback from residents, the only permanent vehicular access to the development will be from Orient Way, and St William has committed to ensuring new residents within the development will not be eligible to obtain a parking permit for local streets. 50 parking spaces are proposed within the scheme primarily for blue badge holders. In addition, two new Car Club bays will also be provided, and the car club scheme will be open to all. Overall this level of parking will generate very low levels of additional car movements on local roads.

In order to move the vehicular access to Orient Way, we need to use the existing entrance on Clementina Road whilst we build the new junction. We anticipate this will take up to 6 months starting summer 2021 and will be subject to the approval of the planning application, a Construction Logistics Plan and a Construction Environmental Management Plan by Waltham Forest Council.

More information can be found in Transport Assessment.

How can I keep up to date with the proposals?

We hope this publication has been useful in providing an update on the proposals and planned
submission of an application in April. Should you have any queries, please visit call us on 0800 298 7040 or email feedback@leabridgegasworks.co.uk.

Now  application has been validated by Waltham Forest Council all the application documents are publicly available on this website.